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October 1, 2012
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Fading Away by Lady-Nero Fading Away by Lady-Nero
:bulletorange: When I thought you were there, you disappeared.

:bulletorange:Collaboration with :iconlonewolf117: (And I know its like Serah's death scene in reverse. I just wanted to try this kind of scene.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Noel model by Crofty
Serah model by Rexil

XNA Posing Studio 10.8.8 + Max2012 and Mental Ray.
Noel Kriess and Serah Farron(C) Square-Enix Co. LTD
No copyright infringement intended.


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MischiiOtaku Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
NO ;A; They should be together !! <3
HeyVikkiTime Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahh I suppose that could have actually happened if they HAD saved the world right?
Noel's time would have disappeared because it was part of another timeline and not the TRUE timeline.
The world would have been saved so it wouldn't have resulted in the creation of "A Dying World 700AF".
That DEFINITELY would have made me cry Niagara Falls. I cried at Serah's death but if I watched Noel fade away because he no longer existed I think it would break my heart since he would have sacrificed himself to save the world ;^;
Lady-Nero Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I know right?!? Thats what I was thinking.....but if he wasnt ever there then it would have never happened so he would exist and go back to make himself not exist and my head hurts now....
HeyVikkiTime Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Noel did mention one time that he could fade when they were in The Void Beyond together.
I don't really understand why he didn't fade though. The gates closed which meant they had changed the future. There would be no Dying World 700AF. Time was flowing and the fact they had changed the future so drastically had led to Serah dying. At that point they had saved the world and it took another few minutes for the Chaos of Valhalla to open the gate to their world and enter it. During the time that the gate closed and the time the Chaos got in, Noel should really have faded at the same time as Serah dying.
Jeebus imagine how much sadder that ending would have been D: Like Noel would catch Serah falling and then he would slowly start to fade at the same time, and then would finally disappear right as Hope gets to them leaving just Serah's dead body behind and Noel wiped out of existence D:
Why the hell aren't I writing out plotlines for Final Fantasy XIII the last game Lightning Returns looks to be utter crap I could make it so much more epic and really make everyone cry.
Lady-Nero Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Omigosh I would have cried for hours......Maybe because he was chosen by Etro or some crap like that he had like a 'get out of jail free' card but its a 'hey you get to keep living' card. I have no clue, but yea he should have technically faded. I was confused by that because he wouldn't have become the person he was if they had changed the future. Meaning he never came back in time to fix it and then it would have caused his time to be all messed up again and become the Noel we know and I'm gonna stop that now, way too confusing......but basically Noel is in a giant loop I guess :P Maybe killing Etro was his way out. Well stabbing Caius' Heart of Chaos.
HeyVikkiTime Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahh yes that could possibly be like his "Get out of jail" card.

I just found this extract from the Wiki page and it says:
"If the new Guardian has enough strength of will, he can release the Heart's power and put an end to immortal destiny. If he wavers, however, he will be enslaved in chains of chaos, and become the latest in a line of eternal servants."

But that still doesn't explain how he is still around. He killed Etro so she can't have intervened to save him and even if she was alive she didn't have the power to do so anymore hence why Lightning is guarding her.


Also another thing that annoyed me was Alyssa. I know she faded away due to being a paradox, but it confused so many people the fact that she just disappeared. They didn't take the time to explain that she WAS a paradox and did in fact die in Bresha Ruins 005AF. Only people that read the fragments carefully would understand. She is just gone in 500AF and there's no mention of her because no one remembers her due to her apparently not being there. But then that the true timeline must have been fixed for all of those points.

But then what is the true timeline? If Etro hadn't screwed up so Lightning hadn't been dragged into Valhalla via the Historia Crux Express and Yeul didn't end up getting cursed with death, then surely when the true timeline was restored:
1) Noel wouldn't be there. He would disappear from everyone's memory because he never existed.
2) They wouldn't have returned to 500AF, everyone would have gone straight back to the very moment after Lightning and everyone else awoke from Crystal Stasis.
3) There would be no memory whatsoever of what would have happened. There would have been no need to save the world because in the true timeline everything is ta-dee-dah.
4) Noel's Yeul wouldn't be around either since she was from his time so she wouldn't exist.

Let me just say thank you Square Enix for messing up this game so damn much. Should have just left it at the first FFXIII. FFXIII-2 is fun to play, but the amount of plotholes is ridiculous. And the next game is looking to be the biggest load of crap going.

I'm usually a Final Fantasy XIII defender but there is only so much that you can be happy about.
This YouTube video parody sums up my feelings so damn well - [link]
Especially the part about Type-0 XD

Sorry about the essay. Huge FFXIII fan here. Well, fan of the first game and some bits of the second.
Lady-Nero Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Oh don't worry I am big fan too. (And I love reading no probs here) But when they announced Lightning Returns I was like "Why?" Yes I was sad Serah died but how can they move on? Have you heard the plot for Lightning Returns? Same as XIII......

And with Alyssa I didn't get it my first time, I had to go back to get that part. It's like HELLO? WTF HAPPENED TO THE BLONDE CHICK HERE LIKE 5 MINS AGO? NOPE NO CARES, WHATEVS, GG. lol That was just written badly.

I could never play the game for more than two hours or my head would seriously start to hurt. Way too many freaking plot holes. Oh and another weird thing I noticed is when Serah finds Snow in the Sunleth Waterscape, when he fades, he drops his necklace, but Serah already has it. I never understood that.

And I'm so pissed about Versus....I mean its been a promo for how long? It's ridiculous.
HeyVikkiTime Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Exactly! Have you played the DLC Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess? Noel doesn't move on, he blames himself for Serah's death and decides to call himself "The Shadow Hunter" GAHHHH T^T Could they have thought of a stupider name? Seriously it's so damn cheesy and retarded and doesn't fit him whatsoever. Noel has apparently become a sort of antagonist for the game. How the hell does someone like Noel go from being a sweet, kindhearted, unselfish guy to something like that?
Everyone accepted Noel so well and loved him, yet now they're ruining him. Square Enix don't understand why no one likes the FFXIII series then they do stupid crap like this.
Hell knows how Snow is getting out of the Colosseum because it's apparently impossible. Speaking of Snow, he fades out of Sunleth Waterscape yet he is traveling the Historia Crux just like Serah and Noel and is like a paradox in that era. So why does he end up at the Colosseum? Paradoxes return to where they belong, therefore he should have returned to New Bodhum at the time when he left and would therefore have been there when Noel showed up to tell Serah that Lightning was alive.

Also I don't get the meteor. The meteor was apparently the time gate that Noel traveled down, so why isn't there a meteor every time that Noel and Serah travel using it?

Yeah exactly! Unless you went back or queried it you wouldn't find out what happened to her!

Another thing that a lot of people missed out was the Paradox Weapon that Hope was developing. Due to the way the game was made, lots of people ended up forgetting about it or not knowing how to get it from Hope. Hope asks for a Chaos Crystal, then you must give it to him before giving Alyssa the 5th Graviton Core. However Square Enix made a mess up. When you talk to Hope he ends up just repeating several text messages over and over, each lasting roughly 2-3 minutes. You have to talk to him about 10 times before he finally enters a cutscene and is like "Oh you found the Chaos Crystal. Go to the reception later on and it should be ready." But then you only get to pick one weapon, the Bow for Serah or the Blades for Noel. What people didn't realize was that you then had to go to Serendipity and go to a certain shop to buy the other weapon. So. Bloody. Stupid.

I just get angry at lots of things, but I usually just get happy seeing Noel :3
I never noticed that D: 300AF right? I'll have to check it out when I play it again once my exams are over. I do love the game but the plot holes are so annoying and frustrating.

Also let me just get this straight. Serah and Snow are engaged right? They are going to get married. They love each other. Really? Do they? Serah hasn't seen him in 3 years and when she finally sees her fiancee, she doesn't hug him, she doesn't kiss him, SHE DOES NOTHING. I suppose when she's kinda lying on top of him instead of being helpful and helping him up when he's getting his ass kicked by some flans it's sort of adorable but SERIOUSLY. NO KISSING. There was more romance between Noel and Serah than Snow and Serah hence why everyone ships the pair. Even I think they're more adorable but then again Noel is 3 years younger than Serah that's my only issue (sorry to start bringing in relationship opinions but I personally find it strange when the girl is older than the boy. I don't even understand myself why I find it strange. I have a weird mind XD)

And yes dear freaking god it's been so damn long!! 2006 IT WAS ANNOUNCED. 2006. 7 FREAKIN YEARS AGO. WTF IS HAPPENING.
Lady-Nero Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I haven't played the DLC yet cuz I lent my copy to a friend who is playing it now lol. WHY MUST THE RUIN NOEL?!?!?!?!?!??!?! Like seriously he is the dream protagonist, sweet and sexy!!!!! I hate when games cause characters to develop some stupid darkside and disregard like everyhing they had done before. I mean I think if Noel respected Serah and what they were attempting to do, he'd honor her and not mope about and become all emo. HE TURNING INTO CLOUD!!!!!!

The meteor is weird cuz all the other time gates just appear, why does that ONE only arrive like that O_o

I never got the paradox weapon, by he time I realized I had the chaos crystal my characters were like level 90 so I was like "I dont need technology" and finished the game without them. Looking back it might have made some fights go a lot easier. Lol.

I think it was 300AF at least that sounds about confusing

They are but like, they never show it!!!! It frustrates the crap out of me. Coming out of XIII I was like SnowxSerah all the way!!!! But then in this game it was like........Oh yea they're still engaged? Cool story bro....Yea like there was moments between Serah and Noel where I was like "I ship it so hard!" The fact they are from different times weirded me out, cuz it would be strange if they got together and had kids and then in 700 years or so one of their desendants is Noel somehow and then he goes back in time to start it again....See what I mean? Weird ass anomalies and stuff. It's ruining the game for me!! (It's ok, I find it a little weird myself, heehee I actually started calling Serah a cougar at one point cuz she's technically shes like 723 years older)
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lithiumportal Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A twist turn of the ending?
By the way, great render and pairing :aww:
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